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Reviews & Feedback

We work hard to provide a high quality service that brings about positive change through assessment, understanding and support.We value client feedback and are happy to share these with you.

We were referred to Maria for cognitive testing for our son (8), following investigations for another condition. Our son can be very anxious and Maria rapidly put him at ease and he enjoyed the assessment. The report provided after was excellent – comprehensive and provided individualised recommendations for our son, not only for Home, but also for school. Our’s son SENCO also commented how useful the report was. Maria also screened for various other neurodevelopment disorders, and made recommendations, which again have been incredibly useful in ensuring we get the correct support for our child.

We were so impressed by the report for our son that when we had concerns regarding dyslexia for our daughter, we chose to have a full cognitive assessment with Maria (rather then just a dyslexia assessment) – we felt a fuller picture of our daughter’s abilities would be of assistance. Again she put our daughter at ease, the report produced was exceptional and has provided very clear guidance on how we can support our daughter in future.


My daughter met Maria for an assessment at 17, probably older than the average patient. Maria has been incredible at putting her at ease. Her passion and competence are evident from the beginning. Her assessment was thorough and her report very clear and detailed. It denoted a deep understanding of my daughter’s concerns and strengths. Her suggestions will prove helpful in identifying the appropriate support for the last year at school and university. Maria is incredibly approachable and the follow-up discussion helped us focus on the practicalities. As a parent, I am extremely pleased to have met her and cannot recommend her more highly.


Maria conducted a very thorough assessment of our 7 year old daughter. Even though it took several hours, our daughter really enjoyed her experience because Maria is so personable and made her feel so comfortable. The report that she produced was very clear and detailed, demonstrated a very deep understanding of our daughter and her needs, and provided some really helpful and practical suggestions for us and her school to support her. We had a very comprehensive follow-up discussion with Maria, which provided us with even more guidance and suggestions to ensure we can best support our daughter. I would not hesitate to recommend Rainbow Therapy Practice.
Stacey – ZB

Maria and her extended team are excellent at getting to the route cause of so many behavioural / processing concerns. Maria provides a very thorough, in depth and fast assessment of our little boys’ needs which has proved invaluable in the school system. Can’t rate enough.
Sarah D – 8 October 2019

As a primary school teacher with 16 years experience I knew something was going on with my younger son. After 3 years at school I still couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. Cue a referral to Maria.

I could not recommend Maria highly enough! Her genuinely caring nature, generosity of time, service offered and concluding report were outstanding and showed a real talent and passion to help every child that crossed her path! The report itself was a masterpiece and painted such a holistic picture of the whole child, from birth to present day pointing out the child’s strengths, weakness and most importantly contained clear, concrete recommendations for school to address the individual identified needs.

Maria exceeded our expectations so much so that we also had our older son who has ASD, ADHD and CFS assessed. As a result of Maria’s report we and school have been able to plan and prepare for the start of next school year. We are all confident that Year 4 and Year 6 will be a positive experience for them respectively. Desiree D

Maria carried out a very thorough assessment on both my sons in February. Aged 7 and 8, I am amazed that she actually got them through 3 hours of testing but she has an excellent manner with children and provided us with extremely comprehensive reports and recommendations for each of them. We would highly recommend this service to any parent,
Caroline L

Maria did an assessment for our son in January. She did a great job with him, helped him keep attention over a long day and was very confident in her assessment of him. Her reports were well written and she helped us understand everything wonderfully. I highly recommend her for assessment needs.
Tracy W

An amazing practice. Fantastic doctors, very friendly and supporting environment. Professional and caring. I highly recommend it!

We could not recommend Dr Hadji-Michael at The Rainbow Therapy Practice more. She instantly put our 7 year old at ease the minute we walked through the door and our little one reported back that the whole day was so much fun and felt like a wonderful game. The room is also light and airy and full of fun colours, which put everyone at ease. The whole assessment process was fully explained to us so that we could understand what methods were being used and how the day would progress. As a result of the assessment we could pinpoint our daughter’s exact strengths and weaknesses and identify exactly how her dyslexia manifests itself which helped us work with the school to put specific methods into action. We went against our school’s recommended EP as we had heard such good things about Dr H-M. In fact, the school were very impressed with how thorough, clearly worded and comprehensive her report was and have been in regular contact with her to enable them to implement her recommended actions. Fantastic experience for our daughter, us and the school. We thoroughly recommend Dr H-M.
Kat B

Maria was very professional, efficient and sensitive to the needs to our client. We’d use her again. Highly recommended. Thank you for your assistance Maria.
Lizzie A